13 April 2012

Your daily kitty story: 13 April 2012

So, my mom told me if I didn't write down the funny things our kitten did, she'd hurt me. I love you too, Mom.

Anyway, this is Tigerlily.

She's 14 weeks old, and with a face like that, you know she has to get in to trouble.

She has recently discovered that she loves going under to covers, along with all the other cat things, like trying to help me type this post. Did people have problems with cats on typewriters?

Anywho, she likes going under blankets and chewing on things, like toes! I guess toes and fingers are delicious. The first night she did this she had been super hyper all day--running up the cat tree, down the cat tree, up the cat tree, down the cat tree, hang from a scratch post like s monkey, chase the feathers, run around the sofa 50 times, run to the bedroom, run to the sofa, run to the bedroom, run to the sofa, attack the human's hair...well, you get the idea.

She was a little calmer at bed time, and I thought after all that running she might be a bit tired and sleep, instead of pouncing on my head. She slowly disappeared below the blanket, carefully following my body line. Her soft bunny like fur tickled all the way down and I did my best not to squirm. She finally settled at my toes.

Oh, crap, not my toes. My feet are so ticklish and I am known to kick when tickled-just ask my dad or my husband. She started gingerly licking my feet. Okay, not too bad. I can handle this. She started rubbing her face all over my feet. Gross...think about how grossly weird it is that she's rubbing her face on your feet and not how much you want to squirm away. The next thing I knew, she was darting up out of the covers, pounced on my head, jumped from my head to the floor (it's not a far drop), ran under the bed, came out the other side, attacked her scratch post, jumped up on the bed, somehow landing on my feet, ran back up to the top of the bed, tried to shove her nose up my nose, and then scurried back under the covers back down by my feet...where she waited.

She surfaced a few minutes later, probably because I wasn't paying attention to her amazing obstacle course abilities and to the star athlete, and I was instead checking Facebook and twitter. In the glow from my cell phone, she gave me this look like nothing weird had happened, and proceeded to flop across my face where she purred herself asleep.

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