30 May 2012

Blank Because Blank

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I wish my insurance company paid for _________because ______________.
 I'll be honest, I've been putting off writing this because I've had to think about it all month.

Strangely, a lot has happened this month. I've pretty much single handedly met our deductible, which feels kinda cool, but mostly depressing. I think the only thing that wasn't me was my husband's GP check up at the beginning of the year (like ~$100).

And we're no closer to figuring out what's wrong with me! I have conflicting test results and no one knows which test is right and the fact that, you know, my life kinda hangs in the balance isn't helping my stress level.

I've been testing more, which means that I'm using more test strips, which insurance fortunately covers at 100%.

I haven't been as active (hooray depression and other problems that make activity extremely difficult!), so my insulin needs have gone up (and granted, I didn't eat a whole lot my last semester at school, what with depression, my husband being a three hour drive away, and no one to nag me to eat, so eating regular meals means insulin needs go up too). Fortunately insurance covers my Humalog to quite an extent.

I've started on Symlin, which is helping (I think? I'm still toying with it), and insurance covers that a great deal too.

I'm getting my second set of pump supplies for Navi (my pump) on this insurance, and so far...well, insurance is covering it. I need to have a conversation about switching to a three month (instead of a one month) supply and getting 5 boxes of sets and cartridges (instead of one of each) for those three months because I'm a klutz. And kitty. But that is besides the point! Insurance pays for this stuff.

The heart meds I am currently on, while they aren't working as well as they used to (episodes are back and in full force, though no where near as bad as without the meds or before I went on them 6 years ago), are doing the job for now, and insurance covers quite a bit of them.

My insurance covers quite a bit of my B.C. and happy pills too.

They cover some of the doctor visits, labs, and tests, and now that we've paid the deductible, they'll pay for much more.

But I know I'm lucky. I know I'm extremely fortunate that my husband has a job where they offer great insurance like this and that his job allows us the finances to have the insurance. I know that many people do not have access to this kind of insurance, and it makes me sad. And angry. And depressed. And sick.

I read about people having to make choices--medicine or food or housing. I hear about people waiting to go in to the doctor, because they can't afford a visit, and they put it off until the situation becomes dire.

I feel guilty that I don't have to make those choices. It crushes me to know that there are people that do have to make those choices. It's infuriating to know that while other systems aren't perfect, at least everyone can theoretically get something.

So what do I wish insurance covered?

I wish every insurance company covered everyone for everything because shit happens and no one should have to make those types of choices.

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