14 May 2012

D-Blog Week: Find A Friend - Monday 5/14

I've only really started reading d-blogs recently, so I don't have an amazing list, like many others. Also, I don't know a lot of people in the DOC, so that also kinda puts me at a disadvantage.

However, these are the dblogs that I keep up with:

Bitter-Sweet @ http://www.bittersweetdiabetes.com/ (This one should be obvious!)

Diaturgy @ http://diaturgy.blogspot.com/

Sugar Rollercoaster @ http://sugarrollercoaster.blogspot.com/

The Angry Type 2 Diabetic @ http://theangrytype2diabetic.blogspot.com/

Ninjabetic: The B.A.D. Blog @ http://www.ninjabetic.com/

Sugar's the Bitch, Not Me @ http://sugarsthebnotme.blogspot.com/

Six Until Me @ http://www.sixuntilme.com/

DSMA @ http://www.diabetessocmed.com/

Texting My Pancreas @ http://www.textingmypancreas.com/

Not My Cell @ http://notmycell.blogspot.com/

Diabetesaliciousness™ @ http://diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com/

Type 1 Diabetes Memes @ http://type1diabetesmemes.tumblr.com/

And anything else that shows up in my twitter feed! I hope to expand my list!


  1. This is a terrific list!! When I read your first paragraph I thought your list might just be one or two, but yay you read a lot of awesome blogs (and one that I wasn't aware of yet, so thank you!) Thanks also for including me on that list.

  2. It's an awesomely fantastical list and it's an honor to be on it!

  3. Thank you for making awesome blogs! :-D