16 May 2012

D-Blog Week: One Thing to Improve - Wednesday 5/16

My heart sank when I saw the topic for today's post. "I'm only allowed to choose one? Because honestly, my list would be "everything that's not on the post from yesterday."

I sometimes forget to check before putting that sandwich in my mouth. I don't preblous because I get be really flaky about food. I get very impatient when waiting for the half hour to elapse for the Symlin, and if I've forgotten to check, chances are I didn't take the Symlin for the food either. I'm not the best at SWAG-ing, and weighing out my food seems like a major pain in the butt, so I don't do that very often, unless I'm eating Ben and Jerry's straight from the pint. Mmmm...Ben and Jerry's.

What were we talking about? Oh, yeah, things to work on.

Honestly, all the alarms on my pump make me want to take a hammer to it. I am very absent minded and easily absorbed into other things. So, doing my post meal check, well, doesn't really happen very often. My endo wants me to check a half hour after I bolus for my food. That's nice. For breakfast, I generally plop my butt down and watch the news while eating, and then get distracted by how much I want to reach into the tv and slap some people. It doesn't help that it's election season here in the US. That leads to some major distraction...so that half hour, and then the two hour mark, pass on by. I check before lunch (when I remember and I'm not going OMG lunch!), and lately I'm catching up on blogs, or reading while eating...so that half hour mark and then the two hour mark pass by again. My S.O. and I talk over dinner...so those marks pass again. Bed time and I have my traditional night time glass of apple juice, not because I'm afraid of going low, but it's my night time snack. And by then I'm like "screw post meal checks, I haven't done them all day and I don't wanna stay up."

I have tried to do the "check bg after x amount of time after a bolus" alarms on my pump, and I turn the alarms off without checking, because I will do anything to silence the noise other than do what it asks, because I hate the alarms on my Ping so much. I genuinely loathe the alarms. I want to find who programmed the alarms and smack them. They go over the "reminder" threshold and go into the "Navi from the Ocarina of Time" realm of annoyance. You ignore the alarm, don't even check what the stupid thing says, and go straight to muting, and then you're completely baffled when stuff goes wrong.

I need to do post meal/snack checks, and I want to. Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Or should I just sit bored for two hours after each meal? Egg timers? Some elaborate rube goldberg machine?

Help me, D.O.C. You're my only hope.

Edit: if something doesn't make sense, the kitten tried to help me type this, so please point it out so I can fix it. Super helpful kitten powers!


  1. "Hey! Listen!"

    (I love that you have a Navi reference in here. That makes this the best post EVER!!!)

    I got into the habit of post-meal checks when I was pregnant, but before that, it was the stupid alarm that helped. I just had to mentally train myself to care about ... well, Navi. ;)

  2. My daughter wears the Ping and we don't have any alarms set, except the 10u warning when we're going to run out of insulin!!! It would drive me absolutely CRAZY if that thing beeped 30 minutes, 2 hours, whatever after every bolus. HOLY HECK I WOULD BE IN THE NUTHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! How are you still here, writing a coherent post???? Impressed!

    Have you considered a CGM?

    I'm in a habit of testing every 2-3 hours, but I think that's evolved from the experience of trying to take care of someone else who was too little to verbalize what she was feeling or tell me when something was wrong. Either she would pass out, and I'd realize that there was a problem, or I had to start catching the problem before it got to that point.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!! But, seriously, save your sanity and do something about all the beeping!!!!!

  3. I named my Ping Navi because it does remind me of that stupid blue fairy with all the alarms. Even the low cartridge alarm is too much for me.

    I've been thinking about a CGM, and I tried one years ago, but it was so off and just as annoying as the pump alarms ("You're 400! Now you're 50!" "No I'm not! I'm 180!") that I gave up on it.

    I'll bring it up at my next endo appointment.