19 May 2012

D-Blog Week: Saturday Snapshots - Saturday 5/19

I was lazy and didn't put this together ahead of time. Oops.

Photo: two meter readings, from the same day. At 3:40 AM: 44mg/dL AKA "OMG I'M LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!" At 6:23 AM: 418 mg/dL AKA "I'm high and I'm going to punch everyone in the face because I was 44 a few hours ago and this rebound sucks."

Note: This is not my typical morning, I just thought I'd share what my rebounds look like.

Photo: Tigerlily the kitten helping me snap a pic of my makeshift nighttime sharps container and a bottle of Diet Mt. Dew. She's such a helpful kitty, like when she flops on top of the bottle of glucose tabs when I'm 44. So helpful!

Photo: My d-case, complete with meter, Symlin, test strips, lancing device, pen needles and emergency info card. You inspired me to clean it up a little, change my lancet, and restock the pen needles. Thank you, DOC.

Photo: Diabetes confetti! (Test strips cleaned out from meter case. See, Mom! I'm testing!)

Photo: Because diabetes and all your other health problems don't go away, even on your wedding day. (Photo taken by Ampersand Studios )

Video: Tigerlily and her box, because this is what I watch most of the day

Photo: Tigerlily in a Diet 7up box, because kitty in a box!

Photo: Poster that was out up in the hallways in my dorm in college. I left a note. Because they are jerks. They took them down later.

Photo: A black Pomeranian puppy named Momo who was once my shadow, but now she lives with my parents and younger brother. Even though she wasn't trained to be a d-dog, she wakes me and anyone else she can whenever my younger brother or I had a bad blood sugar. This was taken on her third birthday, and I gave her some whipped cream. She'll be 7 in July. Also, we just needed an adorable picture after that last one!

And this some of what my life is like, filled with kitties and family and sometimes poopy headed poop monsters, but then I just snuggle my bestest friend (AKA my husband) or a kitty or a puppy, shoot some zombies, snuggle some more, and then maybe write an angry rant when I'm coherent enough to use words. But mostly I have kitties and snuggles and Nutella.

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  1. Tigerlily is gorgeous! What a sweet face. I'm petting my own helpful d-kitty, Pumpkin, right now as I'm typing this. She's 20 so she actually knew me for five whole years before my diagnosis; hard to believe.