18 May 2012

D-Blog Week: What They Should Know – Friday 5/18

There are many things that I want people to know about living with diabetes. I want them to know that there are different types, that it doesn't affect everyone the same way, that I can eat that, that I know my diabetes better than anyone else, that some comments are hurtful, that sometimes diabetes just really sucks...

But over all of that, I want people to know that people with diabetes can do everything that people without diabetes can do--we just may have to do it differently or at a different pace. Sometimes we may need to take care of cyborg parts; sometimes we need to take care of lows or highs; sometimes we have to deal with crappy people or insurance companies that try our patience. Despite all this, we can lead wonderful, fulfilling lives. We can be inventors or professional athletes or the next president. We can get married and have children. We can have best friends and eat that cupcake too. Diabetes doesn't make living life to the fullest impossible--it just sometimes gives us extra bumps in the road.


  1. You tell them girl. Well said.

  2. Diabetes should fit into our lives, not the other way around.