24 July 2013

I missed #dblogcheck!

Start time: 1:31 PM EDT

My laptop decided to start a dramatic death scene on Sunday night. The screen started to darken every few minutes, and not due to inactivity. I soon was unable to open anything. I knew that it was time to abandon ship.

I entered safe mode, downloaded all the things I deemed important, and began searching for the recovery disk for my laptop.

Turns out Dell doesn't send recovery disks with their laptops anymore. They do send a diagnostic disk, though. I figured I'd try that to make sure nothing was super messed up. A very long time later, after listening to a million beeps and looking at a bunch of patterns and flashing screen stuff, the hardware was deemed to be fine.

Awesome. Now I just had to somehow get the computer to let me make a recovery disk or format the hard drive.

After a million reboots, I finally remember that safe mode was still working. I'm a genius.

I made my recovery disks and started the process of formatting the hard drive.

Since I had spent all day hunting down disks that didn't exist and doing diagnostic testing and being a general idiot, I decided to actually read what was on my twitter feed instead of just responding to mentions.

I had missed #dblogcheck! And reading all the blogs (and then trying to comment on them) from my phone? That's not happening. I had to fix my laptop, at least for #dsma.

It was bed time. Hard drive had finished formatting, and it was at 1% completion for reinstall. I didn't want to wait up, I knew it'd be finished by the morning.

Turns out, it wasn't. When I woke up Tuesday morning, it was still stuck at 1% completion for reinstall. I decided to wait. Maybe I was imagining things?

I decided to try and look things up on my phone, to see if something was wrong, or if a reinstall really took a billion hours.

Nope. Something's wrong.

I thought about my situation: I currently have a brick. Restarting the computer (even though it gives a doom message) is probably my best bet. Worst case: I have to get a new hard drive and a new copy of an OS.

So, I shut off the computer, and restarted it.

Yes, it gave me all sorts of "Your computer is soooooo messed up!" messages. But after maneuvering around all the "You messed up!" menus, I finally found the "format and reinstall" option. It took 20 minutes to reformat and reinstall. After 12+ hours of it just sitting there at 1%.

So, yes. I had a laptop...that was like new from factory with all the current updates for 2009. Awesome.

And I'm still trying to get all the updates downloaded and installed. I finally got Windows 7 SP1 downloaded and installed this morning, which puts my laptop at being current for about 2011, according to wikipedia.

But I still missed dblogcheck. I missed getting to join in community building. I missed the "let's not feel isolated".

And I bet you're wondering what that "start time" up at the top is for. Word tells me that as of that last period (and without edits), this post contains 521 words. Over a half hour (because it's now 2), that's about 17 words per minute. My hands and fingers are in so much pain that I've been reduced to 17 words per minute.

Sometimes it's our health that makes us feel isolated, like today. Other times, it's a lack of technology. Sometimes it's both.

I hope there is another dblogchek, and that things will behave in the Mocha household so I can actually participate.

Now, I'm going to go hold a glass of hot water to try and help my hands.

End time: 2:08 PM EDT


  1. When I was younger, I enjoyed troubleshooting and fixing computers. Nowadays, computers that don't work right just tick me off and I have no patience for them. Sorry you had to go through this.

    But to make sure you don't feel left out ... check!

  2. Awww...Thanks for making me feel included! :D

  3. Double check!

    The computer right before the one I have right now would take 15 minutes (no exaggeration) from turning it on to actually being able to use it.

    I use a Mac now so I held onto that BRICK for a while for my Dexcom uploads, but I eventually decided it wasn't worth even that!

    1. Thanks for the double check!

      I hear you on the computer issues. I would go for a new computer if we didn't need the money for other stuff...like medical fun stuff.