20 August 2013

Going to the doctor

I have an endo appointment this Friday.

This means that diabetes is giving me two middles fingers...all last week and all this week.

"Hey! You know how you've eaten this exact thing, measured out, 5 billion times before? Nothing you do will work this time!"

"Hey! You know how you haven't done anything yet today? SURPRISE GOOD MORNING LOW!!!!!"

"Hey! You know how you just changed your site? Yeah...it's not working any more."

"Hey! You know how much you hate the GGMS beeps in the middle of the night? You're going to hover, right at 190 (my "high" set point) all night long, so it will go off every five minutes, even if you acknowledge the previous alarm!"

"Hey! You know how your other meds haven't caused bg havoc in a few months? Welcome to 400 an hour after taking them!"

"Hey! You know how you've been really good lately about avoiding door handles and not bumping your sites into doors or walls? You are going to be the biggest klutz over the next few weeks."

"Hey! You know how the cat hasn't been trying to steal your pump or CGM in the middle of the night? Yeah...good luck with that. At least the CGM will be beeping incessantly so you can find it."

Diabetes, sometimes you are a bigger asshole than an actual asshole.

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